Why We Exist

PYC believes in a future where humans and the earth are thriving together, where humans are a net positive, “regenerative” force for our planet and humanity. 

Consider ecommerce packaging. We imagine a day when all packaging is made from either recycled existing material or from regenerative resources (like plants) whose production actually strengthens soils, waterways, habitats, air quality, and local communities. Every single piece of packaging can be and is recycled, so no materials and resources are wasted and no packaging ends up as litter and in oceans. All of the energy fueling the manufacturing and distribution of this packaging is from renewable energy. Exciting, right? Now imagine this type of thinking applied to every single aspect of life. This is the world we aspire to. 

We aren’t there yet, of course. We actually have a long way to go. Today, climate change, pollution, ocean and habitat destruction are looming and dire, and are the direct result of human actions. Even the most environmentally progressive businesses and citizens today are primarily focused on reducing the negative, and not necessarily aiming for positive ecological and humanitarian impact. 

We believe our vision for the future can become a reality as more individuals, businesses, and communities move away from a disposable culture towards one in which people are making holistic, thoughtful decisions. Decisions that are rooted in respect for the human and natural resources that go into how something is created, how something is used, and where something ends up after its initial use. 

A culture rooted in conscious decision making will give way to improved creation and usage of raw materials, to balanced carbon emissions, to enriched lands, habitats and oceans, to groundbreaking eco-minded innovations, and, ultimately, to a world where climate change and pollution has truly been reversed. We believe this way of life also makes sense for humanity as it leads to more mindful, appreciative people and connected communities.

Our Purpose and Goals

PYC exists to catalyze and support businesses to become a positive force for our planet and humanity.

Why ecommerce? Because ecommerce gives emerging, passionate entrepreneurs,who truly want to do business differently, a way to get their vision and product into the market. Ecommerce allows more businesses to conduct business on their own terms - retaining their values and mission, and building their own loyal customer following - rather than having to bend on core principles in order to work with major retailers or distributors. Ecommerce allows businesses to focus more on their customers, their quality and sourcing and the impact of their products, and less on negotiating until their sole...and soul...mission is to reduce cost. And ecommerce is already off to a great start. It has already introduced thousands of new businesses and products that would have otherwise never made it to market; and at a basic level, shopping online has been shown to generate less energy and pollution than standard, brick & mortar supply chains. It is an exciting opportunity for all of us. 

With this in mind, the PYC purpose is threefold: 

  1. To be an “ecologically net positive” company by 2030. We work towards a future in which our products, operations and supply chain are a positive, regenerative force for the planet. Where the act of selling one of our products is actually one that leads to carbon reduction and a stronger environment. We are proud of our current packaging line, largely made with 100% recycled materials, but we know there is much more to do. Achieving our goal will require new ways of thinking about packaging, incremental improvements in our operations, and major innovations in everything from the raw materials to how we protect and package our bundles to our inks.


  1. To inspire and support ecommerce businesses and their consumers in adopting conscious, eco-minded practices. First and foremost, we provide ecommerce companies with the most thoughtfully selected, comprehensively researched, eco friendly packaging available and help consumers reuse or recycle their packaging responsibly. Beyond packaging, we aim to inspire and support companies in the PYC family in their quest to make a positive impact on the planet and their communities.


  1. To support the success of the conscious ecommerce movement. We promote conscious companies - many of whom are our customers - that are trying to have a positive effect on our planet. We help them package and deliver their products in ways that adhere to their values while communicating their story, building their brand and developing a loyal customer base. We share our own business and eco lessons with the broader PYC family. We help conscious companies connect and support each other’s growth and success. We encourage consumers to purchase from conscious ecommerce companies - the ones actively trying to make a positive impact through upcycling, recycling, creative sourcing, enriching communities, employing vulnerable populations, etc. We motivate the overall ecommerce industry to pursue progressive strategies across all steps of the supply chain - sourcing, packaging, shipping, reverse logistics, and end-of-life. We seek opportunities to strengthen ecommerce as a platform for independent, purpose-driven entrepreneurs to access markets and build their companies, and to deter trends towards “low cost at all costs” and “winner take all” players setting the rules in the ecommerce space. Ultimately, our goal is to make forward thinking ecommerce businesses the standard in our society.

If you share our ideas for a better future, we would love to meet you, work with you and support your efforts. Please get in touch. All are welcome!

Check out our Sustainable Packaging Framework to understand how we define eco friendly, and what types of materials we prioritize.